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Voting starts on 10.4.2024 and ends on 10.5.2024. at 00:00 (UTC +2 timezone)

Welcome to our Best Portrait Photo Contest 2024, where we celebrate the art of capturing captivating portraits! Let your creativity shine as you showcase your talent in portraying the essence of your subject. Whether it's a striking individual portrait, a heartwarming family photo, or a captivating character study, we invite you to share your best portrait photography with us. Embrace the beauty of human expression and storytelling through your lens. From candid moments to carefully composed shots, every portrait has a story to tell. Join us in exploring the depth and diversity of portraiture and submit your most compelling entries today!

Upload Rules
  • Photo Upload Fee: Each photo upload costs 3€. You can submit multiple entries, but each photo requires a separate upload fee.
  • If you upload 5 or more photos you will receive a discount -5€ (for e.g. 5x3€ = 15€; discount is 5€ flat; total in that case will be 10€).
  • Photos must be your original work.
  • Ensure your photo is of high quality and resolution.
Voting Rules
  • You can vote by clicking on the heart icon on each photo. By doing that, you provide +1 vote for that photo.
  • Each user is able to vote for 3 different photos within a 24-hour period.
  • A user is able to give a maximum of 20 votes for different (or the same) photo(s).
  • The voting period will be until 10.5.2024.
  • 1st Place: $100
  • If there are multiple contestants at the end of the contest with the same amount of votes for their photo, all of them will receive a prize.
Additional Notes
  • Any attempts to manipulate votes or engage in unfair practices will result in disqualification.
  • Respect copyright laws. Do not submit photos that you do not have the rights to use.
  • Contest results will be posted on our official website and social media platforms.
  • The contest reserves the right to adjust and change rules if needed.

Contest winners

1 place
Mia is a portrait of a 19-year-old school-age girl
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